Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Neurology Resident Graduation Party was a very nice affair. This picture is of the administrative staff aka the Motley Crue. I am the one on the left, next to me are Carole, Alisha and Connie. I am 5'4", this will give you an idea of how tall everybody else is. Alisha is wearing the black tatted necklace and earrings I had given her for her birthday.
The tatted bookmarks were my gifts to the Grads. For the blue and pink bookmark I used Altin Basak 50. The pattern is from Gina Brummet aka the Tatting Godess. The lavender bookmark is a variation of Kersti's Sabrina bookmark pattern for which I used Manuela Size 20 thread. For the very colorful bookmark on the right I used a variegated vintage Star Gem Size 30 thread for the tatting and white for the crocheted braid. The pattern is Ocean Surf by Kim Millar. I am not counting these towards the 25 motif challenge because I had already tatted them before I started the challenge. They looked even better after I blocked and starched them.

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  1. Those are nice bookmarks. What a very thoughtful gift. :)