Friday, February 25, 2011


This alligator is a bookmark designed by Diana Stevens. You can find the pattern in her book "Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo". It's a great book! I want to make every single one of them. I used Lizbeth Size 20 thread in medium and light leave green. One of my tatting buddies told me if you lay him on the dashboard in your car he'll be your navigator. So you see, he can be very helpful. You can also have him help with finding the best way to your destination on the map. He is my motif # 14 the second time around.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Color Snowflake

I noticed that I have tatted a lot of Anne Bruvold's patterns. Here is her two color snowflake. I used Lizbeth Size 20 thread in variegated and white. I like the way the chains curve around. Maybe instead of linking to the individual patterns I should just post the link to her English patterns page:
Have fun tatting! This is my motif # 13 the second time around.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flowery Bookmark

Last Saturday I met with the Oklahoma Shuttle Bugs Tatting Group. One of my tatting friends gave me a copy of Jane Eborall's flowery bookmark pattern. When I got home I picked out this lovely variegated Lizbeth Size 20 thread named sherbet delight. I thought the medium leave green goes well with it. I really like this pattern. There are split rings, self closing mock rings and special joins to keep things interesting. I still need to block it before I give it to my friend for a hostess gift. This is my motif # 12 the second time around. Jane Eborall has a very extensive free pattern page. Thank you Jane for sharing your lovely patterns with all of us! Here is the URL for the pattern:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is another pattern by Anne Bruvold. She calls it the Christmas Heart. I used red Lizbeth Size 20 thread. This little heart is perfect for making your own greeting card. This is my motif # 11 the second time around. You can find the pattern here:

Monday, February 21, 2011


I really enjoyed taking part in the latest Tat it and See (TIAS) by Jane Eborall. For the longest time I guessed that it is a salamander. What a surprise when it turned out to be an airplane! I think it is really cute. I used pale pink and old turquoise Lizbeth Size 20 thread and turquoise Size 11 seed beads. Thank you Jane for 10 days of tatting fun! You can find the pattern here:
This is my motif # 10 the second time around.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tardis Bookmark

This is the Tardis bookmark, a design by Anne Bruvold. I had a lot of fun tatting it with this lovely shaded blue Lizbeth Size 20 thread. This bookmark is a good practice piece for split rings. And there is even a split chain to hone your skill. Thank you Anne! This is my motif # 9 the second time around. Here is the URL for the free pattern:

Cross bookmark

This is the Pearl Cross by Dianna Stevens. You can find it in her book "Tatterly's Delight". I didn't add any beads to it, I just love it the way it is. It is such a nice little pattern. I used Lizbeth Size 20 thread, variegated on the shuttle and white for the ball thread. This is my motif # 8 the second time around.
Dianna's website has been down for a few years now but you can still access it through the web archive. Here is the link for the pattern:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lace Insert

I have a blouse where the v-neck is so big that I decided I had to tat a lace insert for it. And this is the result. I used a Star Size 70 thread and the pattern is by Teri Dusenbury. Teri has an extensive pattern library that she very generously shares with all of us. Thank you Teri, I love your patterns! I still have to sew it to the blouse. This is my motif # 7 the second time around.
And here is the URL for Teri's patterns:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dragonwing Doily

I had so much fun tatting the seahorse dragon that I decided to give the dragonwing doily a try. I used Lizbeth Size 20 thread. I can't remember the name of the color, I would call it coral. This will be my motif # 6 the second time around.
Here is the link to Anne Bruvold's pattern:
Thank you Anne for the lovely patterns!

Seahorse Dragon

I tatted this little seahorse dragon and enjoyed every minute of it. It is such a cute pattern. I used Lizbeth Size 20 thread and I believe the color is called seafoam. The pattern is by Anne Bruvold and is available here:
What a little cutie!
This is my motif # 5 the second time around.

Another bookmark

Here is another bookmark I recently finished. The pattern is the free monthly pattern for December 2010 by Nancy Tracy. Here is the link for her free patterns:
There is also a link to sign up to receive the free monthly pattern. If you haven't already done that you might want to do it. It's a real treat to get a free pattern by e-mail once a month. Thank you Nancy!
There were oodles and gobbles of threads to be sewed in. If I should make another, I will definitely split ring from one motif to the next. I made some adjustments to the green border and really like the end result. The thread used is vintage Size 30 Coats. This is my motif # 4 the second time around.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Some Tatting

The scanner is finally working again, happy days! Now I can show you all the things I have tatted that I haven't already given away for gifts.
This old rose bookmark is a design by Shirley Burger. She was so kind and mailed the pattern to me. It was so much fun to tat. I only made one mistake but my excuse is that I was really sick tatting away at the doctor's office waiting to see the doctor. I used Haekelgarn Size 20, which isn't offered in colors anymore. Too bad because it is an awesome thread. It's a six cord and makes all your knots look the same. I believe this is my motif # 3 the second time around.