Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another bookmark

Here is another bookmark I recently finished. The pattern is the free monthly pattern for December 2010 by Nancy Tracy. Here is the link for her free patterns:
There is also a link to sign up to receive the free monthly pattern. If you haven't already done that you might want to do it. It's a real treat to get a free pattern by e-mail once a month. Thank you Nancy!
There were oodles and gobbles of threads to be sewed in. If I should make another, I will definitely split ring from one motif to the next. I made some adjustments to the green border and really like the end result. The thread used is vintage Size 30 Coats. This is my motif # 4 the second time around.


  1. Very nice. The purple centers look like pansies! Love it! And I see what you mean with the threadends. Don't like that either!

  2. Your work is amazing. Maybe someday I will learn to tat.