Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Some Tatting

The scanner is finally working again, happy days! Now I can show you all the things I have tatted that I haven't already given away for gifts.
This old rose bookmark is a design by Shirley Burger. She was so kind and mailed the pattern to me. It was so much fun to tat. I only made one mistake but my excuse is that I was really sick tatting away at the doctor's office waiting to see the doctor. I used Haekelgarn Size 20, which isn't offered in colors anymore. Too bad because it is an awesome thread. It's a six cord and makes all your knots look the same. I believe this is my motif # 3 the second time around.


  1. That is an elegant looking bookmark! :)

  2. looks great, brigitte. glad you enjoyed tatting it.

  3. I have been looking for tatting for years a lady was going to teach me but she passed away. I would love to see a tutorial so i can learn I am left handed but that hasn't been a problem learning knitting and crochet. Love your work.