Monday, April 11, 2011

Celtic Snowflake

Here is my homework for the online class of the Celtic snowflake called Celeste. Sparrow Kelly designed this little beauty. I think she did a great job. The only thing I did differently from the pattern is that every other spoke I alternated weaving the second chain from the end under instead of over. I love the color combination. The thread is DMC Cebelia Size 20 white and light blue. It is my motif # 22 the second time around. You can find the pattern here:


  1. Great job! I got the pattern printed off, but couldn't make the class. I look forward to trying it out. I appreciate Sparrow Kelly sharing this beautiful design with us.

  2. I like this design, and your thread choice.

  3. Great job! I have a question, since you have tatted it (and I haven't, yet) -- Could the first chains at the base of each "arm" also be crossed, instead of joined?

    The first thing I wondered after seeing this was why those lower chains weren't also crossed. Perhaps the motif needs the join to add stability? Your thoughts?