Monday, March 1, 2010

More Bookmarks

I finished two bookmarks this weekend. Both of them are made with Star Gem Size 30 thread. The heart is a pattern from Cathy Bryant's book "Tatting". I added the little ring at the bottom to give it a more pronounced heart shape. The lavender and green variegated bookmark is a free pattern by Jon Yusoff called Chinese Coin Bookmark that you can find on her blog. I had a lot of fun tatting it. Thank you Jon for sharing your beautiful patterns! These are my motifs #24 and #25. Hard to believe I finished the challenge already, ahead of schedule. It has been so much fun participating that I definitely want to do another 25 motif challenge!


  1. You are welcome, Brigitte.
    I like the way you add in the spiral cord (is it spiral tatting?) for the book and end with the tassel. The red heart is lovely with the ziz-zag chain.

  2. Jon, the cord is Victorian sets, 5 first halves of the ds 5 second halves. I gave this bookmark as a thank you gift to the mom of my son's friend and she loves it!