Monday, March 14, 2011


This little butterfly I made from Jane Eborall's beaded butterfly bookmark pattern without the beads just to see how he would turn out. I have to admit he looks a little plain. I love the colorway of this Lizbeth Size 20 thread. It is my motif # 17.
Last Saturday two tatting friends of mine and I taught five ladies how to tat. Two of us drove two hours one way. It turned out to be a very rewarding day. Besides tatting, there was also a group for twilling, crochet and knitting. People were free to move from group to group so everybody had fun. After lunch we had a try at twilling, which is a double knot embroidery stitch used for outlines. I think this stitch would make a nice seam embellishment on a crazy quilt block.


  1. Great butterfly! Wonderful colors!!! :)

  2. Very pretty butterfly. It must be nice to tat with other tatters, and what a fun time you had. I've never heard of twilling, but I'm off to google it!