Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tatted Necklace

I must say I enjoy tatting jewelry most of all. I started this necklace over two years ago. I tatted "Triad" from Mary Konior's book Tatting Patterns with beads and then I kind of got stuck because I wasn't sure if I liked the edging which I had adapted from Phyllis Klosterman's booklet "Tatting Designs -Edging Collection". So....after two years I finally pulled it back out of the UFO bag and took it to Kingfisher, OK with me for the Oklahoma Shuttle Bugs tatting meeting. I worked on it throughout the whole meeting and the remainder of the weekend and finished it Monday. The following day I decided to tat up some matching earrings and this is what the final product looks like. I rather like it. What do you think?
This will be my motif # 22. I almost forgot, the thread is Size 20 Haekelgarn which is a really nice thread to tat with. The beads are a big disappointment. I bought them at Walmart. They came in a pack: a mix of Size 10 seed beads and short bugle beads and the colors were gold, silver, pink and brown, which you can't tell anymore because the paint rubbed off while tatting! The 3 mm beads came in a bead pack from Dollar Tree. They have held up well. I want to attach a charm, pendant or teardrop bead onto the free picot in the center, not sure yet which.