Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Presents

Happy New Year! The last of the beaded Christmas presents I sent to Germany finally arrived! Now I can let you see them. The pink necklace went to my mom who already owns the matching bracelet. The pattern is called Dancing Dangles by Mary DiMatteo published in the April 2008 Bead and Button Magazine. The St. Petersburg Chain stitch is really fun and versatile.
Next up are my sister's earrings. They are the paisley earrings from one of the last few Beadwork magazines. These were really fun to make because I love to peyote stitch and use crystals.
This is the bracelet I sent to my aunt who is also my godmother. The pattern is from a Bead and Button magazine. As you can see I make good use of my two beading magazine subscriptions. Unfortunately I forgot to scan the green bracelet that I sent to my sister in St. Petersburg Chain stitch. I got in a hurry and mailed it before I thought of it.
I have also been tatting but I still need to scan them and some of them have already been given away as Christmas gifts.